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Real Results

Client Transformations: 

Nadera (Challenge 1 Winner): "Before this challenge I didn’t even know what a “Macro” was, now I can plan a whole week of meals in advance and proportion out the macros to reflect my fitness goals. What was even better was while I tried to stick to eating “good” and “healthy” foods a majority of the time, cheat days weren’t really cheat days because all I had to do was keep it within my macros. I definitely feel healthier and look better, and I can even get into some old jeans I haven't been able to wear in years!"


Bridgett (Resolution Challenge): Busy mom with two kids, a husband, and a full time job. Throughout the entire 8 week challenge (picture is from 6 week check-ins) she made time to workout at least 3x a week as well as perform cardio 3-4x a week. She tracked her macros daily and incorporated foods that she and her family enjoyed. Flexible dieting became a lifestyle for her, and she continued tracking macros to meet her fitness goals even after the challenge ended.

- "I went out with some of my friends the other day. They all commented on how good my jeans looked on me and how I have slimmed down. They were all complaining about dieting and starving, and I said, 'I get to eat all the time, and good food!'"

Aimee (Resolution Challenge): "I'm 15 pounds down, and I'm not stopping!" Aimee's biggest hurdle throughout the challenge was eating enough food. The belief that less food = more progress was stuck in her head, and the amount of food she was told to eat during the challenge scared her. Aimee trusted the process, stuck to her given macros, and made awesome progress during the challenge. Not only did she make progress physically, but she also progressed mentally to develop a better relationship with food.

Becca (Monthly Macro Coaching): Becca is a monthly client who had no idea what do to do in a gym when she first began. Since starting her monthly macro coaching and lifting/cardio schedule, she has learned how to use gym equipment effectively and is seeing awesome results! She is much more aware of what to eat to properly fuel her body, and is now carb-cycling with macros to boost her fat-loss and muscle-gain results. Patience and adherence to the plan is the key to success!

Hannah (Resolution Challenge Winner): "I am in total shock. I have not been tempted to slip into old habits, even with this trigger of a stressful week. I know I am not eating perfectly - I was not able to meal prep and I have not been reaching my macro goals every day. However, I am doing okay. It may not seem like much ,but I cannot even explain how bad I would have been during something like this in years past. I just think about eating differently on this program, and that is a long term blessing. I may not be able to see results for myself, which has always discouraged me in the past, but the shift in my attitude about this process is almost more valuable." Hannah lost a total of 20 pounds during the 8 week program.