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Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Welcome to the site!

If you are here for training programs or apparel, just go ahead and click on the menu options above! If you are interested in having a personal fitness coach, keep reading!

SelfMadeFit Online Coaching provides highly personalized nutrition and fitness coaching that will change. your. life. Clients are a part of their program creation to ensure every program is a set-up for success. Everything about your program is custom for YOU. Programs include:

  • Individualized programming which includes a detailed nutrition plan and training schedule
  • Weekly email check-ins and conference calls to monitor progress and make adjustments
  • Video demonstrations of all program exercises (if training schedule is implemented)
  • Access to your coach for all questions related to your program and goals
  • Additional services as requested

SelfMadeFit Coaching works, but only when the client is completely committed to their program. Due to the high level of time, knowledge, and dedication put into each personalized plan, SelfMadeFit can only work with those that are truly committed to the process and are willing to put in the work to change their lives. Is this you?

Lets see if we are a good fit for each other! Fill out the application below, and allow 1-2 days for your application to be reviewed. After review, a call will be set up to further discuss a coach-client relationship, and all details and customization of programming if we decide we are a good fit for each other! Thank you for your interest in Team SelfMadeFit!

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