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Full Body Training Pt.1 - SelfMADEfit

Full Body Training Pt.1

$ 29.99

This program is an 8 week full body training split designed to help you build muscular strength and definition in your upper body, legs, and core! Please remember that training and nutrition go hand-in-hand, and your nutrition needs to be on point in order to optimize the benefits of your training. 

This program includes:

- 8 week full-body training split

- 2 sets of workouts to alternate every other week

- Split modifications to accomodate 3, 4, or 5 day per week training schedule

- Designated sets, reps, and rest periods per exercise

- View demonstrations and notes for each exercise listed on program

- Explanations for tempo, reps, sets, RPE, and progressive overload

This program requires:

- A gym (at-home workout plan is not available for this program)

- Basic gym machines, dumbbells, barbells, cable machines, flat bench, decline setup bench, smith machine

- A good work ethic, discipline, and determination!

Program will be sent to purchaser immediately after purchase. If you do not receive your plan, please fill out the 'contact us' page with your order number to have your plan manually emailed to you. Please check your spam/junk folder to see if your plan went there instead of to your inbox.